X-Men: First Class Sequel Gets a Title

Although X-Men: First Class was not a huge hit right out of the gate, strong word of mouth kept ticket sales up for several weeks after it debuted in theatres, even going up against movies like Super 8 and Green Lantern. It was enough for Fox to believe that a sequel could make even more money, so they locked down director Matthew Vaughn and writer Jane Goldman for another installment. Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand, Sherlock Holmes) is also co-writing the film, and last month he told Collider that it will be "extraordinarily ambitious" and "a bigger movie than the last in physical scope." Well, we now know what he was referring to, because the title of the sequel has been revealed to be X-Men: Days of Future Past, drawing from a well-known story arc by Chris Claremont in the early '80s. Hit the jump for more details on what that might imply. Producer Bryan Singer confirmed to IGN this week that the movie will be called X-Men: Days of Future Past and that it "deals with aspects of that comic, but also some very new things." For the uninitiated, that storyline involves an alternate future where mutants have been persecuted and now live in internment camps as a result of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants killing an important senator. Kitty Pryde is able to warn the present day X-Men by traveling back into the mind of her younger self. Considering that Matthew Vaughn has hinted at having Magneto assassinate JFK, I can't help but wonder if he will be substituted for the senator that is killed in the original storyline. Bryan Singer also hinted that this movie could potentially connect with previous X-Men films and open up the X-Men universe to even more new characters (tying in to a New Mutants movie, perhaps?). There is still a lot of speculation right now, but I think most fans would agree that the story is a strong one to draw from. X-Men: Days of Future Past will start shooting in January with a projected release date of July 18th, 2014. Are you stoked to see Days of Future Past on the big screen?
August 02, 2012