Top 10 Scariest DreamWorks Animation Moments: Happy Halloween!

DreamWorks Animation has given us a true treat this Halloween. It’s a video compilation of the top 10 scariest moments from their incredible and award-winning roster of movies.

We’ve got scenes from movies that you can see when you watch Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted online and even a few spooky lines from those Shrek quotes!

It’s a perfect mix of clips for this day that celebrates the spooky, and sure, it’s not from the 11 horror movies that still scare us, but there’s still plenty of time for those!

Happy Halloween from Movie Fanatic! And here’s a suggestion… more scary moments in movies. The slideshow below chronicles movies so scary, we can never see them again.

Who made the list?  

The Human Centipede
Horror movies that are completely disturbing on every level are ones that we can never see again. And atop that list is The Human Centipede! I mean, who thinks of this?!

October 31, 2014