The Perfect Guy Review: Too Good to be True?

There's no such thing as the perfect guy.

We all know the saying. If it seems too good to be true, well, then it probably is. But does that mean we stop hoping?

Perfect Guy

Granted, when we think we've found the perfect man and then discover his flaw, it's not usually that he's a crazy, obsessive, psychopath.

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However, that's what happens to Leah, played by Sanaa Lathan (Contagion). She breaks up with her boyfriend Dave, played by Morris Chestnut, because he's not ready to settle down and have a family. Enter Michael Ealy's (Last Vegas) Carter, who swoops in at exactly the right time. It doesn't take long before he's swept her off her feet.

Ealy plays the role flawlessly. It would be hard for anyone not to fall for Carter's charm. While it was definitely over the top at times, enough that any real life person would start hearing alarm bells, it didn't stop me from being drawn to him. Knowing it was coming, it took a little too long to happen, but when that switch finally flipped, Ealy's transition was seamless.

Thankfully, once Leah saw that side of him, she did not go back to him. Too many times we've seen women fall for the "I've never done this before" or the "I swear it'll never happen again" lines and when it happens on screen, it's groan inducing. Leah is strong and confident and she stood her ground, even when her friends were pushing her to give him another chance.

The Perfect Guy is not a new concept. It's not innovative or shocking, but it is exactly what you expect it to be – an exciting, suspenseful thriller. Sure, it's full of tropes that will have you wanting to scream at the characters not to enter that abandoned parking garage or to call 911 instead of confronting the suspicious person, but that's all part of the fun of a movie like this.

All in all, if this looks like your type of movie, chances are you won't be disappointed. It's well acted and though it does start off a little slow, once it picks up it doesn't let off the gas. You'll find yourself rooting for Leah as she fights to regain control of her life. It also certainly doesn't hurt that the cast is easy on the eyes. I found this film to be fun and entertaining – not a bad way to spend an hour and forty minutes.

September 18, 2015