The Peanuts Movie Review: The Gang Is Back

Despite his best efforts, things never go the way they're intended for the world's unluckiest kid. 

That doesn't mean Charlie Brown will ever stop trying. His will and determination cannot be beat, and he will never give up. 

The whole gang is back in this all new Peanuts movie, and those looking for a bit of nostalgia will not be disappointed. 


Yes it's computer animated and the voices are different, but these are still the same characters you've always loved. Charlie Brown is still struggling to fit in at school. He's still determined to fly a kite, so much so that he gives it a try in the middle of winter. 

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And, of course, he's still pining after the little red-haired girl. 

This time she's the new kid in school and he's anxious to make a good first impression. He puts a lot of time and effort into his attempts with the help of his friends. Linus has always been the voice of reason and his biggest voice of encouragement. 

But, the star of the show has always been man's best friend, Snoopy, and this movie is no different. Snoopy actually turns out to be Charlie Brown's biggest form of assistance. He even teaches him to dance! 

There are plenty of callbacks to the classics as no Peanuts movie would be complete without appearances by Snoopy's alter egos the World War 1 Flying Ace and Joe Cool along with Snoopy's typewriter and Woodstock by his side. 

There's the kite-eating tree, the pitcher's mound, Schroeder's piano,  and Linus's blanket. Lucy still only charges a nickel for her psychiatric advice. Everything you expect to see in a Peanuts movie is there, and even some surprises you probably won't expect. There are a few references to the classic holiday specials. 

Most importantly, this is a funny, sweet movie that kids and adults alike will enjoy. There are heartwarming lessons to be learned and inspirational messages to never give up and to always be yourself. If this is a kid's first exposure to The Peanuts, it's a good one. 

It's definitely worth staying through the credits for this one. 

November 07, 2015