The Maze Runner Trailer: The Rules Revealed!

As we could tell from that first The Maze Runner trailer, this is a world full of mystery.

But as you can see from the latest The Maze Runner teaser, it is not a landscape without rules. Of all the teases we’ve witnessed so far, this latest one from Fox may be the most informative.

Dylan O’Brien stars as a young man who awakes on an elevator taking him to the surface of a desolate landscape. The only way out, is through the titular maze. And he’s surrounded by a group of boys who all share the same fate -- none of them remember anything before they became maze runners and all have no idea how they got there.

The Maze Runner opens September 19 and also stars Will Poulter

A Maze-Like Figure
A maze-like figure is a beauty of a poster idea for The Maze Runner.

August 29, 2014