The Interview Final Red Band Trailer: Why Would You Say That?

After all the trouble it went through to even be seen by audiences, we can see why those behind The Interview are just a little proud of their motion picture, and they should be if you read our The Interview review.   

Given that it’s the last day of a year that saw the film cause all sorts of trouble, we can see why Sony has released what its calling the “final” red band trailer for The Interview. And it is spectacular and reminds us that if you want a funny flick to witness for your New Year’s revelry, watch The Interview online.

What a fantastic idea to just put some of the craziest moments and the wildest The Interview quotes out there in a final red band trailer -- Happy New Year indeed.

Franco & Rogen Together Again
Franco and Rogen team up for their latest movie together in The Interview.

December 31, 2014