THE FLASH Boss Talks Tonight’s Big Reveal, Assembling the Rogues, and More

It wouldn’t be an episode of The CW series The Flash, if it didn’t have another handful of big reveals, and the latest episode, “Tricksters,” was no exception. Thankfully, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg was available to answer some of the burning questions that arose with the latest twists to the story, following a screening of the episode. With a handful of press, Andrew Kreisberg talked about the big secret reveal, an upcoming awkward double date with Barry as the fifth wheel, the outcome of genetic camouflage, rupturing the time field, and the plan to get the Rogues together. Be aware that there are some major spoilers. Image via The CW Question: Now that Eddie is in on the secret, how is he going to handle knowing that Barry Allen is The Flash? ANDREW KREISBERG: It’s interesting, part of the fun of Eddie is that he’s such a nice guy and he’s such a good guy. When you have a love triangle, it’s hard for Barry to not like Eddie, even though he’s dating Iris, because he is a stand-up guy and he clearly cares about her. I think the biggest conflict that’s going to come between them is that Barry and Joe, whether it’s right or wrong, have made this decision to keep Iris in the dark about things. Eddie, as always, is the much more emotionally in-touch character and is like, “This is ridiculous! Not telling her, you’re actually putting her in more danger.” That actually starts to become ...

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March 31, 2015