The Expendables 3 Final Trailer: Harrison Ford Has An Oops!

The Expendables 3 final trailer is here! It features our first full look at Harrison Ford in action as the helicopter pilot and newest member of The Expendables family. 

We also get some killer dialogue from other newbies, including Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes -- who, might we add, we could not be more thrilled is back on the big screen! 

From that first The Expendables 3 trailer to those The Expendables 3 character posters, Lionsgate had to know they had something special on their hands.

And with the rating lowered from "R," which it was for the first two Expendables movies, to a PG-13, expect those box office receipts to go even higher than previous installments. 

Watch The Expendables online and see how the whole thing got started before Sylvester Stallone and his team invade theaters August 15.

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July 31, 2014