TERMINATOR GENISYS Review: Stop Coming Back

Studios seem to struggle with how to reboot a franchise. Do they attempt to pull a Star Trek where an alternate timeline keeps the previous material intact while making way for a new adventure? Do they go even more hardcore like X-Men: Days of Future Past and wipe away most of the previous movies from canon? Or do they go with the Superman Returns route and just ignore the crappy sequels? Franchise building is monumentally important to the modern day studio system, but in order to retain what audiences loved, movies are bending over backwards to service old fans while trying to open up new stories. No reboot tries as hard as Terminator Genisys to restart a franchise. The movie is part reboot, part sequel, part prequel entirely confusing, and incredibly asinine if you consider the plot for more than a half-second. Genisys tries to charm us by playing into nostalgia, trying to turn the original movies on their head, and offering up some fresh action, but it stumbles almost every step away. Director Alan Taylor may have some new spins on old tricks, but contrary to the protestations of the T-800, a.k.a. “Guardian” (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Genisys shows this franchise is both old and obsolete. Image via Paramount Pictures In the year 2029, humanity, led by revered soldier John Connor (Jason Clarke), is about to triumph over the machines. They’ve shut down Skynet’s central core, and all that’s left is to disable the time travel device, which has just ...

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June 30, 2015