[Editor's Note: Welcome to "Stream This," our weekly feature where we single out television programs and movies of considerable merit that are available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle, or other streaming services. Look for a new recommendation every Thursday.] Not all that long into Kicking and Screaming, Noah Baumbach's wise and witty debut feature, Grover (Josh Hamilton), a recent college graduate, is trying to get into a bar without a driver's license. He argues with the bouncer that he clearly looks over 21, and the bouncer answers that he must have ID. This would register as a totally benign exchange, save for the fact that the bouncer pronounces ID as if it were the id. In that moment, Baumbach, who wrote the script as well, encapsulates a hard truth about adulthood: age and the appearance of age is no sign whatsoever of wisdom or knowledge of self. Rather, it's when people begin learning when to trust their instincts (and when to ignore them) that something like genuine enlightenment settles in. Image via Trimark That might sound a bit heavy for what is, ostensibly, a college comedy, but Baumbach pulls from his own college days -- he attended Vassar --  to weave his ideas about growing up and becoming an adult into distinctly detailed yet ostensibly universal experiences. The settings are dorm rooms, the quad, bars, off-campus apartments, parties, and coffee shops, where Grover, Otis (Carlos Jacott), Max (Chris Eigeman), and Skippy (Jason Wiles) mull over jokes, pop culture, history, music, ...

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April 30, 2015