Shaun of the Sheep Trailer: Meet the New Flock on the Block

The people who brought us Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit are back with a stunning-looking new full length feature, Shaun of the Sheep.

And for fans of Aardman Animation, you might recognize the stars of Shaun of the Sheep from their Oscar winning short film A Close Shave. They’re the same sheep! And they’re back in a big screen adventure and the first Shaun of the Sheep trailer has premiered!

A flock of sheep from Shaun’s farm have escaped (along with his dog!) and headed to the big city for an adventure of a lifetime.

Shaun of the Sheep lands in theaters sometime in 2015, stay with Movie Fanatic for more details. 

Check out one of Aardman’s first work and watch Chicken Run online

August 29, 2014