Meet the JESSICA JONES Villain Purple Man: Who Is He? How Scary Is He? And More

Who is the Purple Man? Let's break down the history of the creepy villain, played by David Tennant, bound for Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series, A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Who is the Purple Man? Like many other Marvel villains that were created in the company’s early days, Zebediah Killgrave -- soon to be the Purple Man -- was tied closely to Communism.  (For those scratching your heads right now, read the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man back in the 1960s where Spidey calls the Chameleon a “dirty commie").  Also like many other villains, Killgrave received his powers from an experimental mishap of sorts.  Being hired by “Big Red” to steal a new nerve gas created by the U.S. army, Zebediah attempted to flee with the canister, only to be fired upon and have the gas blow up in his face.  When captured and questioned by the government, Zeb gives a rather shoddy explanation as to why he was stealing the gas, and is released.  Soon, he finds that not only does he have strange new abilities, but he is also completely purple.  Thus, he decides to come up with the most obvious supervillain moniker of all time, and the Purple Man is born! For the most part, the Purple Man has been a villain for all seasons.  He hasn’t been the main antagonist for one particular hero, but rather, has bounced around the Marvel universe, causing trouble for whichever hero he stumbles upon.  More often than not though, he’s found himself in the path of one ...

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January 31, 2015