Lee Pace Talks Playing a Man on the Brink of Revolution in HALT AND CATCH FIRE Season 2

The critically acclaimed and lamentably under-watched tech startup drama Halt and Catch Fire returns tonight for its second season on AMC. Set during the onset of the 1980s techincal revolutions, the series stars Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishé, as a pack of ambitious computer engineers striving to invent the next major tech breakthrough in the wake of IBM's personal computer. Season two picks up more than a year and a half after the team saw those dreams crushed at the hands of the superior Apple Macintosh and their ringleader Joe MacMillan (Pace) figuratively burned everyone who trusted him when he literally burned their achievements to the ground. Back in January, at the Television Critics Association press tour, I had the opportunity to sit down with Lee Pace for an exclusive chat about Halt and Catch Fire season two. The cast hadn't even begun filming at this point, so it was a spoiler free chat where we really got to dig into the character of Joe MacMillan, what makes him tick, and how he's evolved since the season one finale. Image via AMC How does what you've seen of this seasons scripts shape up to what you were handed in the first season? LEE PACE: In this season, there's a very different Joe. Last season I really wanted the impact of the failure to transform him. Last season Joe was kind of a hungry, ruthless wolf scrambling around the sides of the pack and I'd like to see him transform, address his qualities; that he lied, he ...

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May 31, 2015