Kingsman The Secret Service Clips: Meet the Team Led by Colin Firth

Kingsman: The Secret Service is not only one of our most anticipated movies of the first few months of 2015, it is for the entire year. We love Matthew Vaughn’s work (see it when you watch X-Men: First Class online) and the idea is utterly brilliant.

The film follows the most secretive of spy organizations (with Colin Firth and Mark Strong as members) who keep the world safe and never get the credit for it. 

Firth’s character meets a hooligan (Taron Egerton) and takes a liking to him and thinks he can become the next great Kingsman (as teased in the Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer). He’s not alone, as we have an entire new team of recruits.

Fox has released a series of featurettes that introduce us to the team, starting with Harry, played by Firth.

Meet Gazelle!

Meet Eggsy!

Meet Roxy!

Meet Arthur (played by legend Michael Caine!)

Kingsman: The Secret Service hits theaters on February 13, 2015.

Colin Firth Character Poster
Colin Firth's leader of the Kingsman gets his own poster.

December 30, 2014