Horns: Daniel Radcliffe Dishes His Devilishly “Affectionate” Snakes

Clearly, when the movie is called Horns, star Daniel Radcliffe knew he would have to sport a pair for a large part of the shoot.

Horns Daniel Radcliffe And Snake

"The first time I saw them on it was a combination of relief because they looked fantastic and excitement, because when you have something stuck to your head that can go either way,” Radcliffe told Movie Fanatic.

“They looked really normal and like really quickly. It has the potential to look silly, and it really doesn’t. The word “organic” is one of my most hated, sort of overused words. “Just make it organic, at least it will look that.” But they do in that they look like they’re made out of organic material and actually coming from my head. They only took like 20 minutes to put on. They were really fast and really light. They’re a very functional piece of headwear as well.”

Another aspect of portraying a devilish character (which Radcliffe really likes) is that his Ig had to surround himself with many, many snakes. “They were fantastic,” Radcliffe admitted. “I didn’t know before doing the movie if I was comfortable with snakes. It turns out I’m extremely comfortable with snakes. I may have been completely projecting human emotions onto this creature, but I became completely convinced that she was very affectionate.”

Radcliffe, in fact, learned that that was just snakes being snakes. “They get cold. Snakes aren’t cold-blooded. This is my favorite word I learned on the shoot: they’re poikilothermic, which means they can’t control their body temperature so whatever temperature it is outside, they will be,” he said.

“They’re freezing and you’re already warm so they just love you and hug you, but in a constricting kind of way. We had one scene with 100 live snakes, which was awesome.”

As teased in the Horns trailer, Radcliffe’s Ig is madly in love with his girlfriend, played by Juno Temple. After a night of hard partying, he awakes and she is dead and suspect number one in her murder. When he starts growing horns that does not do anything to help his effort to prove his innocence.

Horns Daniel Radcliffe Juno Temple

What’s fascinating about the film it is follows Temple and Radcliffe’s love affair from when they were kids and the actor had great fun with how the younger actor got to look a little bit like his hero.

“Mitchell (Kummen) is like I was when I was like 13. He’s a kid. He’s from Winnipeg, and he’s incredibly sweet,” Radcliffe said. “Mitch is blonde naturally so they dyed his hair (brown) on the first day. When he went back to his hotel in Vancouver, one of the girls at reception said, ‘Oh you look like Harry Potter’ and that made his day!”

Radcliffe spends most of Horns driving around in an old AMC Gremlin. Believe it or not, the superstar does not have a driver’s license. He promises he’s close.

“I loved that car. To me, that’s a really cool car. I’m not going to be one of these people that when I do pass my test gets a crazy fast elaborate car just because it was a good piece of advice I was given once: When you buy a car, you should buy a car you feel comfortable sitting in traffic in. And if you’re in a Ferrari in traffic, you’re not going to look cool,” he said.

And he even had to drive with one of those snakes around his neck, which provided a challenge for all those involved.

“That was actually one of my favorite moments from any film that I’ve ever done. We had this one shot in the movie where I’m driving along, the snake is around my neck, and I pull up, get out of the car, walk over to the cop car and do a scene with them. But I couldn’t drive with the snake around my neck because the snake latches onto the gearstick and the steering wheel and stuff so that’s annoying. So we had to have somebody in the back of the car who would put the snake around my neck before I got out,” Radcliffe said.

“A (production assistant) had to hide down in the back of the car with a python. I remember him getting into the back of the car with the snake and us getting into our first position and I just turned around to him and was like, ‘I should probably tell him.’ I was like, ‘Corey. Just so you know. I don’t have a license. I don’t drive.’ And he was like, ‘Oh that’s fine. I’ve never handled snakes before.’”

Guess Daniel Radcliffe IS the Devil
Daniel Radcliffe stars as a man who is accused of killing his girlfriend in Horns. Looking like this doesn't help.

October 31, 2014