Godzilla Asian Trailer: Meet Muto!

Hot on the heels of that terrific Godzilla Roar Featurette that featured filmmakers and even star Bryan Cranston giving their best iconic roar from the king of the monsters, we’ve got a dazzling new trailer.

The clip is meant for Asian audiences and it’s all sorts of awesome. Perhaps they saved the big guns trailer for the demographic that gave birth to the monster that has been terrifying audiences since 1954?

The latest Godzilla trailer features not only some great shots of the monster itself being birthed as it breaks out of government lockdown containment, but also another flying beast called Muto.

As you see in the below trailer, this thing flies and appears to share something in common with humans: Utter disdain for Godzilla.

Godzilla smashes its way onto screens May 16 starring Cranston, Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen.  

Godzilla Photos
Godzilla appears to be calmly moving through the City in this latest pic from Godzilla!
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Godzilla Takes a Walk

1. Godzilla Takes a Walk

Godzilla appears to be calmly moving through the City in this latest pic from Godzilla!

Best Pic Yet of King of Monsters

2. Best Pic Yet of King of Monsters

This is the best picture yet of Godzilla, King of the Monsters.

Godzilla Makes Waves

3. Godzilla Makes Waves

Godzilla takes a dip in the Pacific Ocean.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Stars

4. Aaron Taylor Johnson Stars

Aaron Taylor Johnson, what has caught your eye? Could it be a giant Japanese monster?!

Elizabeth Olsen... Run!

5. Elizabeth Olsen... Run!

You might want to grab that kid and start moving away from whatever it is that has your giant blue eyes ablaze!

Looking For Godzilla

6. Looking For Godzilla

Godzilla, are you home? It's the US military calling!

Godzilla Over Asia

7. Godzilla Over Asia

Godzilla shows us his cute little, er, big tail for the first time.

Godzilla Causes Mayhem

8. Godzilla Causes Mayhem

Wherever he goes, Godzilla destroys. And that's why we love you big guy!

Godzilla Flaunts his Body

9. Godzilla Flaunts his Body

Our first pic of the mid-section of Godzilla's body shows off one lean physique. He must work out.

Godzilla, Say Cheese!

10. Godzilla, Say Cheese!

Our first pic of Godzilla's face! If were a small lizard, we'd say, "Cuuuuute!"

Bryan Cranston Looks Worried

11. Bryan Cranston Looks Worried

If you've heard his manic voice in the Godzilla trailer, this look fits his tone!

Godzilla Attacks!

12. Godzilla Attacks!

Just a thought... you might want to put on a life jacket, or grab something sturdy. This is going to get bumpy.

Godzilla Stars Bryan Cranston & Aaron Taylor Johnson

13. Godzilla Stars Bryan Cranston & Aaron Taylor Johnson

Hey guys, whatcha looking at? Is he right behind me?!

April 29, 2014