Now open in theaters is The Lazarus Effect. The film follows a team of scientific researchers attempting to extend life in dying patients. When one of the team members (Olivia Wilde) is killed tragically during an experiment, the rest of the group does the unthinkable and brings her back to from the dead. As in all Frankenstein-inspired stories, the act of playing god bears punishing consequences, and the woman who comes back is not the woman they knew. Directed by David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi), the film also stars  Mark Duplass, Evan Peters, Donald Glover and Sarah Bolger. I recently sat down with Evan Peters to chat about the film. We talked about what attracted him to The Lazarus Effect, how Gelb's history as a documentarian is reflected in his direction, and the interesting ideas explored in the film. He also talked about American Horror Story, why he'd be willing to work with Ryan Murphy forever, and getting ready to film X-Men: Apocalypse. When did you guys shoot this?  EVANS: Not last year, but the year before. In July, I think. Yeah, it had been a while. Is it strange for you to circle back and do this kind of press when so much time has gone by?  EVANS: [Laughs] Yeah. Since it was some time ago, what's your standout memory from the set?  EVANS: I liked working with the dog. The dog was really fun to work with, because they always say you're not supposed to work with kids and dogs and I just thought it was really fun to try to get this dog to bark on command, to be ...

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February 28, 2015