Emory Cohen Talks BROOKLYN, STEALING CARS, VINCENT-N-ROXXY, and More at Sundance

“1950s Ireland: Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) must confront a terrible dilemma — a heartbreaking choice between two men (Domhnall Gleeson, Emory Cohen) and two countries, between duty and true love.” When I first read the one liner for director John Crowley’s immigrant drama Brooklyn before Sundance began, I figured it would end up being a slow moving period piece that might appeal to a small segment of moviegoers. I could not have been more wrong. Now that Sundance is over, I can say Brooklyn was one of my favorite films at this year’s festival.  Loaded with fantastic performances (especially Saoirse Ronan), a smart and funny script by Nick Hornby, and brilliant direction by John Crowley, Brooklyn is one of those special films that will connect with anyone who has a heart.  It explains why Fox Searchlight paid $9 million to acquire it shortly after the premiere. While I could try and sum up what the film is about, I think Adam did a great job in his review: “The immigrant story is one that has been told countless times over, but director John Crowley’s moving and funny Brooklyn brings a degree of empathy to this particular tale that is rare.  In chronicling the move of a young Irish woman in the 1950s from her home country to New York City, Crowley takes an intimate view of what it means leave family and try to make a new home in someplace entirely unfamiliar.  Hornby’s sharp, sincere script and wonderful lead performances result in a touching and extremely empathetic chronicle of love, loss, and ...

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January 31, 2015