Edge of Tomorrow Final Trailer: What Day Is It?

The latest, and final, Edge of Tomorrow trailer has arrived from Warner Bros. and they have clearly saved the best for last.

Tom Cruise stars as a soldier who must relive the same day he dies over and over until he can figure out a way to break the cycle… and win the war. Having seen the film, this teaser absolutely nails it!

Emily Blunt is key to the entire thing as the same thing that is happening to Cruise happened to her. He may have to live and die hundreds of times before he finds the slimmest of ways out of this nightmare that holds the fate of the entire human race in the balance.

Edge of Tomorrow opens June 6 and very well may be Cruise’s best work in years! 

The film is directed by Doug Liman, whose previous work you can see when you watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith online or watch The Bourne Identity online.

Tom Cruise is Ready for Action
The Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow banner.

May 30, 2014