Creed: A Touching New Movie Poster Released

If you were watching the Season 2 Premiere of Empire last night (and why wouldn't you have been?), then you saw the first television spot for Creed. That was some smart marketing right there.

I'd be surprised if we don't see Creed star Michael B Jordan (Fantastic Four) popping up on Empire at some point, to be honest. Even if it's to tie-in with the movie, that would be pretty fabulous.

Regardless, there was a new promo and today a new poster was unveiled. 

Creed Poster

I really like what they're doing with it, especially because I really didn't like what they did with Rocky's own son in Rocky Balboa. It always felt like an opportunity wasted to examine the relationship more deeply between father and son.

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Instead, with the introduction of Adonis Creed and his own franchise (because, let's face it, this is going to be a huge movie), Rocky gets a chance to father Adonis in Apollo's absence. It feels very right. The father/son bond that is bound to come through in this film is fully related in this poster. 

So what do you think? Getting more excited as time goes on? Take a look at the first trailer now for a reminder of what lies ahead.

September 24, 2015