CONSTANTINE Recap: “A Whole World Out There”

Tonight's episode opens up with a few drunk college kids playing with an ancient Egyptian book of the occult while partying in a crypt.  The foursome attempts to perform a spell that will open a door to an alternate universe.  If their glassy eyes and vacant expressions are any indication, it would appear the spell worked.  Each of them finds themselves in very different settings - a bloody torture dungeon, a room displaying dusty artifacts, etc - but each of them are alone ... oh, except for the creepy guy with a murderous stare hiding in the corner (William Mapother).  A scream from one of the girls brings them all back around to their senses. Constantine, hard drinking by himself, gives a toast to an enchanted mirror that lets him "wallow in the past."  Manny pays him a visit to shake Constantine out of his isolation and give him a job.  Constantine heads to the local university to drop in on his old pal, and university instructor, Ritchie Simpson (Jeremy Davies).  While John is being his usual pain-in-the-ass self, one of the four students succumbs to the murderer lurking in the alternate dimension; the young man's death by suffocation in that world causes him to drop dead in this one without any obvious cause. Back in Ritchie's office, the disgruntled teacher is none too pleased to be contacted by Constantine again.  Constantine's equally upset to hear that Ritchie is no longer monitoring the spikes in energy caused by the rising darkness.  If ...

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January 31, 2015