COMMUNITY Recap: “Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing”

This week's episode of Community begins with the gang struggling between the Greendale school board trying to wrangle the Dean to be their “gay centerpiece”, Chang and Annie working within a re-enactment of The Karate Kid, and Elroy and Abed doing their best to protect a nest of abandoned baby birds that happen to be cutting out the Wi-Fi for Greendale. Things also start out hot and heavy with the one-liners, as references to Elroy creating the original Donkey Kong as a game called, “Construction Snake” had me in stitches from the get go. With the reason for the new members of the gang being brought together out of the way, we get some more great scenes and interactions between characters, strengthening the overall plot in the process. It feels like “classic” Community, which again is a real accomplishment considering all the folks they’ve lost along the way. The “A” plot revolves around the return of the Greendale School Board (aka the two frat-like bros running the place) pleading with the Dean to join them so that they can appease the media after a disastrous happenstance. It’s in this story we’re able to further explore the Dean as a character, as well as his strange sexual appetites (hint: the Dalmatian portraits in his office aren’t really for show). This also gave us one of the funniest ongoing gags of the episode, with a theme song for “Gay Dean” blaring over some of the more heartfelt moments. This was a perfect representation of the humor ...

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March 31, 2015