Batman Battles Darth Vader in Epic Video: Watch Now!

After months and months of hearing about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it is natural to put the Superman after the Batman v, right?

Well, we have a surprise for you Movie Fanatics! Batman v. Darth Vader has arrived first!

Yup, you read that right and the people over at Machinima’s Super Power Beat Down have outdone themselves as they’ve gifted the world a fight to the death between the Star Wars villain and the DC Comics superhero.

As we wait for that Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer (and frankly that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer), enjoy the above and check out what happens when these two worlds collide!

And watch The Dark Knight online to see our favorite Batman movie (without Darth Vader, that is).  

And where does the Batman movies rank on our list of favorite superhero movies? Check it out below in the slideshow!

The Dark Knight
You want to know how good The Dark Knight is? How about it was the first superhero movie to earn an Oscar in a major category! In fact, Heath Ledger's Joker may be the best superhero villain of all time.

November 28, 2014