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Don Verdean Trailer: Sam Rockwell as a Shady Biblical Archeologist on VOD 12/11!

Little movies like this can be hit or miss. That's kind of how this trailer looks, to be honest. It's been out for about a month now, but the movie will be in theaters and on demand this Friday, December 11.  That's right, those of you who like to get out of the house can make a night of it on the town and you homebodies? Score! You can order a pizza or Chinese and put your feet up on […]
December 10, 2015

The BFG First Trailer: An Absolute Delight!

Disney has such a wonderful write up of this movie, I'm not even going to attempt to sift it down. Here it is in all its glory, to accompany the incredible first trailer of the movie, The BFG. The talents of three of the world’s greatest storytellers – Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg – finally unite to bring Dahl’s beloved classic “The BFG” to life. Directed by Spielberg, Disney’s “The BFG” tells the imaginative story of a young […]
December 10, 2015

Creed Review: The Heart of a Champion

Creed is definitely a boxing movie, but far more than that, it's about identify and family. Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) has been fighting all his life. A child of an affair who grew up in group homes and juvie, his start was rough, but he settled into a different type of fighting once he was given a home by the wife of his father, Apollo Creed. Year later he wants to see if he can follow in his father's […]
December 06, 2015

The Nice Guys: HILARIOUS Red Band Trailer

The first trailer for The Nice Guys has arrived. Red Band and everything!! Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of the best movies of all time. Shuddup and roll with it. If you have seen it and didn't love it, watch it again. If you haven't seen it, order it up in any way possible and start watching. Stat. The Nice Guys is being touted as the "spiritual sequel" to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and from the looks of the trailer, that's […]
December 05, 2015

Robert Loggia Dies: Oscar-Nominated Actor was 85

Robert Loggia, an Oscar nominated actor with a long history in both films and television, has died at the age of 85.  Perhaps best known today for his roles as Miami drug kingpin Frank Lopez in Scarface and as General William Grey from Independence Day, Loggia was nominated for an Academy Award in 1986 for his role in Jagged Edge. Loggia also had a role in The Sopranos as Feech La Manna. var spotx_content_player_width = Math.max(document.getElementById('spotx_collapse').offsetWidth, 300); var spotx_content_player_height = parseInt(spotx_content_player_width * 0.75); […]
December 05, 2015

Trainspotting Sequel a Go with Full Cast Attached?!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Trainspotting sequel is moving full speed ahead with the original cast and much of the same crew attached! In April of 2013 in an interview with Movie Fanatic, Danny Boyle had this to say about his plans for the sequel: “That’s why we go back,” Boyle admitted. “That would be the premise of the film is that we take all the same actors playing the same parts and examine what has happened to them in […]
December 05, 2015

Batman v Superman Trailer: Who’s YOUR Hero?!

Yep. Jimmy Kimmel is the man! He's got all the greats these days, and they bring with them all the great movie trailers! Up tonight is the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice official official trailer. There have been hints and peeks but this is the real deal. Ben Affleck (He's Batman, you guys) says so, and we believe Batman. Henry Cavill stars as Clark Kent/Superman, Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Batman’s […]
December 04, 2015